Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hyperion Movie

Hyperion Live Action movieWarner Bros is planning a movie adaptation of Dan Simmon's Hyperion Cantos. It's not clear yet over how many films this movie adaptation of Hyperion will span. But the first film is likely to encompass Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion the first two novels of the series (which comprises 4 books in total). The film is set to be directed by Scott Derrickson (who brought us the last remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still) based on a script by Trevor Sands. The cast hasn't been announced yet. The movie Hyperion is currently listed by IMDb for a release in 2013.

"A space war looms over the planet of Hyperion, where time traveling artifacts are protected by a nightmarish metallic spiky monster known as Shrike."

Hyperion is a complex (but awesome) science-fiction series with a number of different characters all with individual stories to tell. So I'm a bit disappointed that they're considering they are cramming the first two novels into one film: it means a lot will be ignored. But I'm also just damn glad to hear about this movie adaptation of Hyperion: it's long overdue!

Before Scott Derrickson was revealed as the director of the movie Hyperion, Dan Simmons was already praising him on his official blog:

"there is one director I know to be under consideration who would be wonderful for 'Hyperion: The Movie'. I’m not at liberty to mention his name yet, but this director knows the Hyperion Cantos novels very, very well and has a strong sense of the cinematic potential of literary SF."
Dan Simmons,
author of the Hyperion Cantos

Well, if Dan Simmons feels like it's going to be fine, I guess there's no reason to worry then! Let's hope that Scott Derrickson won't let us down, and will deliver a great Hyperion movie!